Where To Get Modafinil Online - Vendor Comparison Chart

Wondering where to get modafinil online?

I wondered the same thing. So I decided to plot some data to answer this question. It's always good to have an excuse to draw some charts!

On the y-aixs is popularity (actually, relative search volume in Google). On the x-axis is price per 200 mg tablet. What we're looking for is cheap and popular vendors.

ModafinilStar was the cheapest vendor, and DuckDose the most popular.

When I was trying to figure out where to buy modafinil online the most important factors for me were popularity and price.


All modafinil vendors are selling the same product. They offer some combination of Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Wakvigil. Since all the modafinil vendors are offering the same product, why pay more than you need to?


I considered popularity because it can be a signal of credibility and reliability.

As a proxy for popularity, I used Google search volume. Search volume is not the best proxy for obvious reasons. For example, notoriety and negative press can attract a lot of searches - but we wouldn't necessarily want to shop from those vendors. So a ton of branded Google searches doesn't necessarily mean that a vendor is reliable. But for our purposes it will do.

To reiterate, on the y-axis we have popularity (relative Google search volume over the last 90 days). And price per 200 mg tablet is on the x-axis.


Modafinil Vendors Ranked by Popularity

DuckDose > Modup > AfinilExpress > Modapharma > ModafinilStar

Modafinil Vendors Ranked by Pricing (Low to High)

ModafinilStar > Modup > AfinilExpress/DuckDose > ModaPharma

It's no surprise that the least popular vendor had the lowest prices (ModafinilStar).

DuckDose was by far the most popular vendor, which surprised me because they only take MasterCard and bitcoin. The other vendors accept all major credit cards (plus bitcoin).

AfinilExpress and Modup both seemed to be good compromises between popularity and price. You can read my full review of AfinilExpress here.

I'm personally biased toward AfinilExpress and DuckDose because they were vouched for by ModafinilCat (when they went defunct.

Tips For Buying Modafinil Online

Credit Card Fraud

Some modafinil vendors have poorly secured checkout pages.

If you're concerned about someone steeling your credit card from a modafinil purchase, I recommend getting Final. With Final you can generate a unique credit card number for a specific transaction that only be used once.

Legal Concerns

Buying modafinil online without a prescription is illegal in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Rarely, modafinil orders are confiscated by customs. Sometimes customs wills end you a love letter.

Here's one such report:

I received my first 'love letters" from U.S. Customs stating they seized my 2 packages.

Placed order on 10/31 Went into customs on 11/9 Today, 11/28, I received letters- one dated 11/22 and the other 11/23

One order was for 90 tablets, free from previous promotion Second order was for a new order for 100 tablets

They were shipped at the same time. I'm in California, USA.

My question is if you had your packages seized and decided on a reship, did you use the same address or a different one? I want the reship but have the gut feeling I should use a different one.

Do you think they noticed both packages at the same time from the same place and were suspicious? I know the dates on letters are different, just curious.

Looking for advice from those whose packages were seized. I have had other modafinil shipped from Modup with no problem and from another vendor with no problems either.

Sophie has already been very helpful and is waiting my decision.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

(P.S. I also posted this on Reddit, please excuse the duplicate posts)

Sophie rocks!

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