ModafinilCat Mysteriously Shuts Down, Names AfinilExpress As Successor


Rather mysteriously, ModafinilCat closed up shop on September 28, 2016. They cite the fact that ModafinilCat was a time sink that detracted from their other ventures. As of this morning, ModafinilCat now redirects visitors to AfinilExpress.

One can’t help but think that ModafinilCat isn’t disclosing the full story. Unlike some fringe nootropics which exist in a kind of legal gray area, selling modafinil to US customers is unambiguously illegal.

Given how difficult it is for high-risk businesses that are legal to get payment processing, it’s amazing that ModafinilCat was able to transact and accept credit cards without interruption. Most other businesses in this space rely on overseas processing in China which can be cumbersome for the customer because banks often assume that the transaction is fraudulent and require customer authorization.

For these reasons, it’s tempting to think that the threat of litigation or payment processing problems forced ModafinilCat’s hand.

There’s been a subtle shift in the regulatory environment surrounding nootropics in the United States. Consider the following:

  • PowderCity was dumped by their payment processor BrainTree without warning, forcing PowderCity to remove some of their higher-risk nootropic products. i11uminati characterizes what transpired in this Reddit thread.
  • A few weeks later LiftMode/NewMind also lost payment processing. Read the thread.

At this point, we can only speculate about what happened to ModafinilCat. Here’s the missive I found in my inbox a few weeks ago, which names AfinilExpress as their successor:

Hello Ben,

ModafinilCat is closing down. And we’re doing this in the smoothest way possible.

All current orders that haven’t been delivered yet are fully covered by all our policies and guarantees, and they will be delivered! Reshipments for lost shipments are still going to happen. Claims for defective shipments that we receive after 60 days from now will not be considered anymore.

IMPORTANT: Once every remaining shipment has been delivered we’ll delete all customer data that we still hold. We’ve never leaked any data of any kind to a third party, neither addresses nor email addresses. We’ve never been hacked nor did we ever encounter legal or logistical issues of any kind.

This is a personal decision. There are ventures out there that we’d like to take on but are unable to, because our focus is occupied by ModafinilCat. It’s been the most thrilling ride of our lives and now it’s time to seek even more thrilling ones. We hope that you wish us well.

We do wish you well on your very own paths. We’re well aware that many of you rely on us as their source for one of the most miraculous substances out there. For this reason we’ve made sure to vet and select a new vendor that comes close our way of doing things: – The second best Modafinil store in the world!

As an alternative we’d like to mention who’s also pretty good at this job.

Make sure to check them out and don’t hesitate to use them from here on out. They can be trusted and they’ll act in the favor of the customer. Having said that, do not expect our level of excellence from them.

This is it everyone, the last words you’ll ever hear from us. We love you all and we’ve always done our best to transform this love into the best possible service that we could humanly deliver. You’ve let us know us time and again that we’ve succeeded.

So long my friends. It’s been an honor.

Neko and team over and out.

You can read the Reddit discussion about the shutdown here.


If anyone has any news about the shutdown, please comment here or contact me.

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