Coluracetam vs Noopept: Which is Better?

Coluracetam is a racetam that affects acetylcholine, indirectly. Coluracetam is a high affinity choline uptake enhancer. This activity of the drug increases the efficiency of cholinergic neurons. Most drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s increase acetylcholine, because this neurotransmitter is tightly linked to learning and memory.

Noopept is not technically a racetam, but it behaves like a more potent version of Piracetam. Noopept is best known for its propensity to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and nerve growth factor (NGF). Noopept is also neuroprotective (it protects the brain) in different situations like concussion.

One similarity between Coluracetam vs Noopept is that both nootropics are biologically active in minuscule quantities. A typical dose of Noopept is 10-30mg, whereas the standard dose for Coluracetam is anywhere from 3-30mg.

coluracetam vs noopept

Coluracetam vs Noopept Comparison Table

Coluracetam Noopept
Cost $$$ $
Dosage 3-30mg 10-30mg
Mechanism High affinity choline uptake (HACU) enhancer Similar mechanism to Piracetam; NMDA receptors, and EEG patterns are affected
Effects (anecdotal) Improved mood, working memory and HD vision A mild cognitive boost with subtle psychostimulation
Most similar to Pramiracetam (also a HACU enhancer) Piracetam
Perks Many people’s favorite nootropic, but little evidence to back up the claim that Coluracetam improves cognition Cost-effective, neuroprotective against different neurological insults, a more potent (and potentially better) version of Piracetam

Coluracetam vs Noopept User Experiences


My favorite Racetam family! HD vision, mood, choline uptake, memory and an amazing anxiolytic effect. Note that I feel like I can read people more easily on that. (3mg)


Colouracetam(7/10): This is my favorite racetam. I feel an increase in mood and a nice, clear, calm mind. For some reason, Ceretropic’s sublingual version is the only one that I feel noticable effects from. I will probably end up buying some bulk powder from them, because I’m thinking maybe I just got some bunk powder from the other vendor I tried.



I really like Noopept, even if I feel a bit robotic mood-like it’s worth the shot (Taken for 1 month on 1 month
off) (30mg)


Noopept(6/10): This stuff has such a psychedelic vibe for me. An increase in colors and an appreciation for scenery (LOL) are the main effects I felt from it. It didnt do too much for my anxiety, but I did find taking it sublingually helped my verbal fluidity in social situations, so that definetly a plus.


Where to Buy Coluracetam vs Noopept


Please see the following price comparison chart (last updated: 07/22/2016).

Vendor Quantity (g) Cost ($) Cost per gram Form
Coluracetam BlueBrainBoost 1 18.00 18.00 Powder
Nootropics Depot 0.5 13.99 27.98 Powder
PowderCity 0.5 12.99 25.98 Powder
Ceretropic 0.5 19.99 39.98 Powder
NewMind 0.3 4.63 15.43 Powder
NewStarNootropics 0.25 10.95 43.80 Powder
Peak Nootropics
Pure Nootropics 1.2 49.99 41.66 Solution
Mind Nutrition (EU)
Pure Bulk
Relentless Improvement
Absorb Health


Vendor Quantity (g) Cost ($) Cost per gram Form
Noopept BlueBrainBoost 5 11.95 2.39 Powder
Nootropics Depot 5 7.99 1.60 Powder
PowderCity 1 3.87 3.87 Powder
PowderCity 3 6.64 2.21 Capsule
Ceretropic 5 11.99 2.40 Powder
NewStarNootropics 10 12.25 1.23 Powder
Peak Nootropics 10 14.99 1.50 Powder
Peak Nootropics 24 28.50 1.19 Capsule
Pure Nootropics 30 18.95 0.63 Powder
Mind Nutrition (EU) 9 21.44 2.38 Capsule
Pure Bulk
Relentless Improvement 5 21.95 4.39 Capsule
Absorb Health 10 19.99 2.00 Capsule
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