Tianeptine Sulphate Dosage

The consensus is that a reasonable tianeptine sulphate dosage is 25mg, or 2x the starting dose of tianeptine sodium.

Keep in mind that the absorption, distribution, and metabolism of tianeptine sulphate are not well-characterized. So the tianeptine sulphate dosage of 25mg is based on anecdotal reports from users, not on hard evidence.  Some individuals have used higher tianeptine sulphate dosages without apparent ill-effect, but this practice should not be assumed to be safe.

Tianeptine sulphate is just like Tianeptine sodium, only differing with respect to its counter-ion. Since tianeptine has a carboxylic acid group (COO-), which is negatively charged, a tianeptine salt can be formed with sodium, which is positively charged, forming an overall neutral ionic compound.

Tianeptine sulphate is formed by acidifying tianeptine with hydrogen sulphate (HSO4-, also known as bisulfate). Hydrogen sulphate is a weak acid that protonates the carboxylic acid and the basic nitrogen atom in Tianeptine. Tianeptine cannot be acidified with sulphuric acid because sulphuric acid is an extremely strong acid.

[![tianeptine sulphate dosage sulphuric acid](http://getzonedup.com/content/images/2015/12/tianeptine-sulphate-dosage.png)](http://getzonedup.com/content/images/2015/12/tianeptine-sulphate-dosage.png)Sulphuric acid is such a strong acid that even after it has lost one hydrogen to protonate a base, the remaining hydrogen is still acidic!

Tianeptine Sulphate Dosage

The standard tianeptine sulphate dosage is 25mg vs 12.5 mg for tianeptine  sodium.

Tianeptine Sulphate vs Tianeptine Sodium

What’s the difference between tianeptine sulphate vs tianeptine sodium?

Apart from the obvious chemical difference (discussed above), the significant differences are:

  • Stability. Tianeptine sodium is unstable and decomposition occurs in the presence of light, heat and moisture. Tianeptine sulphate appears to be more stable.
  • Half-life. Tianeptine sulphate has a longer duration of action (tianeptine sodium only lasts 2-3 hours; tianeptine sulphate lasts all day).
  • Potency. To achieve the same effects, roughly twice the tianeptine sulphate dosage is needed.
  • Physical properties. Tianeptine sodium is extremely hygroscopic (it absorbs moisture from air); tianeptine sulphate is not hygroscopic.
  • Absorption. In this case, tianeptine sulphate’s inefficient absorption and excretion is an asset, because it delays release in a controlled fashion resulting in a longer duration.

Tianeptine Sulphate and Hygroscopicity

Tianeptine sodium is extremely hygroscopic. It will suck moisture from air at an alarming rate. If you’re interested in the chemistry underlying this phenomena, you can read about it here.  In short, because tianeptine sodium is so hygroscopic, it is cumbersome to store for very long. It begins to degrade the moment it first comes into contact with air. One solution is to use dessicant packets, but your mileage will very.

Dessicant packets are comprised of silicon dioxide, which are even more hygroscopic than tianeptine sodium, which causes moisture to be absorbed by the silicon dioxide instead of tianeptine sodium. Another option is to store tianeptine sodium in a dessicator.

Notes and Resources

The only trusted source of tianeptine sulphate is Ceretropic.

Tianeptine (Psychonaut Wiki) 

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