Modalert vs Provigil

Modalert, manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals in India, is the generic version of Provigil (modafinil).

Both Modalert and Provigil contain racemic modafinil (R-modafinil and S-modafinil). “Racemic” implies a 50/50 mixture of two mirror images (enantiomers) of a compound.

When comparing Modalert vs Provigil, there are few salient facts:

  • Prescription, brandname Provigil is extremely expensive in the US
  • Modalert is essentially identical to Provigil (both contain racemic R,S-modafinil).
  • Your fears about drugs manufactured in India are overblown, because most US pharmaceutical companies have drugs synthesized in India and China, too.

Where can you buy Modalert? and ModafinilCat are two common vendors. We generally recommend ModafinilCat, though they are on the pricier end of the spectrum. Read our complete ModafinilCat review here.

Modafinil Naming Confusion

Modafinil (R,S) R-Modafinil
Provigil (Brandname) Nuvigil (Brandname)
**Modalert (Sun Pharma)** Waklert (Sun Pharma)
Modvigil (Hab Pharma) Artvigil (Hab Pharma)

Legality of Modalert / Modafinil

Modalert is illegal to possess or purchase in the US without a prescription. It is a schedule IV drug. However, unless something changes in the regulatory environment, the worse thing that will happen to you if you order Modalert online is that your parcel will be detained by customs. In other words, no one (so far) has been prosecuted or pursued legally for buying Modalert on the internet.

Modalert vs Provigil: Concluding Thoughts

Modalert by Sun Pharmaceuticals is perfectly legitimate and chemically identical to Provigil, available by prescription in the US.

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