The Ultimate Guide to Buying Tianeptine Online

Where should you buy tianeptine sodium?

Tianeptine is available from the following vendors:

  • BlueBrainBoost
  • TianeptineStore
  • PowderCity
  • NootropicsDepot
  • NewMind (owned by LiftMode)

Read on for a comparison between these tianeptine sources.

Tianeptine sodium, tianeptine free base, and tianeptine sulphate have only become available for purchase online in the last five years. So this is a recent phenomenon.

If you’re unfamiliar with tianeptine, it’s a tricyclic antidepressant marketed in Europe under the brand name Stablon. Although tianeptine sodium is a prescription drug in Europe, in many parts of the world it’s unregulated and can legally be imported. In the US, for exmaple, tianeptine is legal to import and use as a dietary supplement. But it’s a bit of a legal grey area, and the regulatory environment could change at any moment.

Legislators in the UK just passed an amendment to the psychoactive substances bill that essentially bans nootropics, including innocuous substances like piracetam.

Buying Tianeptine Online

Purchasing tianeptine online is a straightforward process. The only complication that can arise in some cases is that tianeptine is seized or returned to the sender by customs. But these cases are outliers. For the most part, ordering tianeptine is uneventful.

The factors you should consider when buying nootropics online are:

  • price
  • quality control
  • shipping fees
  • customer support
  • fulfillment time

I’ve ordered from all of these vendors at one time or another and can attest to their reliability.

Vendor Cost (quantity) Shipping Quality Control Perks
$8.00 (1g) Free over $20 Independent lab analysis Dedication to customer service
$15.80 (1g) Ships from the UK Independent lab analysis (COA can be provided) New kid on the block, but boasts some interesting perks
Nootropics Depot
$11.99 (1g) Free over $50 In-house HPLC Fantastic packaging
$11.99 (1g) $5 (USPS first class) In-house lab analysis Innovative brand, fantastic packaging
$11.88 (1g) Free Independent lab analysis Owned by LiftMode, run by really nice people

How Do You Ensure You’ve Received Legitimate Tianeptine?

Tianeptine sodium is a white, fluffy powder. It tastes bitter with an unpleasant, plastic aftertaste.

Tianeptine is also highly hygroscopic. This means that it absorbs moisture from the air very readily. Pharmaceutical desiccant packets should be added to a jar of tianeptine to preserve its shelf life. The silica gel in dessicant is even more hygroscopic than tianpetine, so it will suck water from tianeptine and the surrounding environment. If you store tianeptine without dessicant, it will eventually degrade and turn into a paste.

Dessicant packets for pharmaceutical use is available from ULINE.

Tianeptine Degradation

Tianeptine sodium is a sensitive salt that easily degrades. Tianeptine will begin to degrade when exposed to moisture, light, and heat. One study reported that tianeptine is most sensitive to light. So if you want to preserve the shelf life of your tianeptine, store it in a dark, cool environment and limit it’s exposure to the air.

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